Nike Shoes Football New Version Update

Ferragamo Outlet Shoes Unleashes Nike Shoes Season 2017/2018 | in 2017 Nike has issued a variety of their latest products including shoes for footbal lovers, well this time admin would try to embrace this little shoes.

Nike Shoes Football New Version

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Basically there are 4 types of products, namely:

1. Nike Mercurial Version :

Nike Mercurial Version: Nike shooter agile series Usually made specifically for speed, a winger or fullback, striker who hooked run is those who are devoted to using these mercurial shoes, but it does not matter also who is using (who is banned ??).

2. Version Nike Hipervenom :

This type of shoe is made for agility and finish (finishing) the opposing goal, so suitable for players with the type of attacker, with anatomically appropriate design that makes the players will be comfortable when acting in the field.

3. Nike Magista :

Dancing and giving the right bait with soft and magical touch is a different style, specially designed for a playmaker with perfect control and magical touch. Players who use these shoes are andreas iniesta and mario gotze.

4. Nike Tiempo Series :

Nike Shoes with Tiempo label is a limited edition limited edition, unlike the Nike shoe series series which is more of a classic model for the football legends.


1. Nike Mercurial Victory VI Dynamic Fit Neymar

Nike Shoes Football New Version Update

Nike Mercurial Victory VI Dynamic Fit Neymar Boot Ground Firm Shoes provide a great touch and comfort and safety that drive fast acceleration and direction.

* Synthetic leather construction designed for durability and enhanced touch.
* Dynamic Fit collar wrap legs for looking and comfort.
* Construction without rickshaw wrap legs with fitted snaps.

2. Nike Mercurial Victory VI FG

The Nike Mercurial Victory VI FG Shoes give the perfect ball touch, amazing! and explosive appeal for top speed.
Speed ​​Ribs
The textured surface of the ribs, making the friction you need to improve the technique and speed in manipulating the ball outwit your opponent.


The contours of microfibre football material are light and light in accordance with the shape of your feet.


* Smooth, synthetic leather tops offer endurance and enhanced touch
* The contoured sockliner pull gives you a low-profile pad to reduce the pressure on the feet.
* Pull shoes that are light and durable with a chevron button pattern to start and stop quickly.

B. Nike Hipervenom Version 2017 Latest Football Shoes

1. Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 FG


Nike Mercurial Victory VI Neymar FG Made for a thirsty goal striker! Nike Mercurial Victory VI Neymar FG Shoe is designed to increase the shot speed and allow for rapid movement of direction on the field.

Innovative Flyknit wraps your legs completely, combining areas with high breathability levels, stretching and support for a second skin fit (shoes).

Ultralight, super strong fibers wrap around the middle of the leg and integrate with rope to provide stability during side-to-side movement. HYPER-REACTIVE PLATEM has a flexible dominant leg for responsive stability, letting you cut and change direction quickly on solid ground.

HYPER-REACTIVE TEXTILE 3D texture in the shooting area of ​​the shoe helps to optimize shot speed. STEVRON STUDOL Side pull pull brings attractiveness for acceleration, braking and cutting. ACC Technologies All Condition Control (ACC) technology improves the ability of perfect ball control under no circumstances either wet or dry.

FURTHER DESCRIPTION Flexible design helps reduce interruption Asymmetric binder system extends area of ​​ball control and shooting zone Sockliner wrap wraps and protects your feet The interior of your foot counter is good for locking the bottom of your feet.

The Nike shoes Flyknit technology is inspired by feedback from runners who want shoe conditions in stability (barely noticed). Nike embarked on a four-year mission with a team of programmers, engineers and designers to create the technology needed to create top layers with static properties for structure and durability. Then the proper placement of support, flexibility and breathing ability-all in one layer-is refined. The result is the latest technology, fitting and smooth form. That way our shoes information.


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